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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 - Week 49: Jamendo Instrumental top 20


20Darâmad-é Esfehan by Christian "Kiane" Fromentin
19Drops of brandy - The mountain kid by Aislinn
18_last_chance_02 by ZERO_1
17Daniel Bautista - Epiclatinarabrock by FG3 - Free Guitars Projects
16Total Harmonic - Meteor Is Coming by Tunguska Electronic Music Society
15Erotic Dream - Fractal by Speedsound
14Looking for a way out by Paolo Pavan
13Electric Funky - You Got by Speedsound
12solitude (quand je n'étais qu'un) by hedgehog dilemma
11Angels To Guard You by Kendra Springer
10Mother Earth by Sonic Mystery
9Silent night (guitar) by Frozen Silence
8Windcatcher by Greendjohn
7Fjord by Axial Ensemble
6Around (instrumental) by Vincent Bernay
5Stories from Emona I by Maya Filipič
4Tú y solo tú by Yachar
3Hope by Kendra Springer
2Virtue lost by Celestial Aeon Project
1test de rock by Sam

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