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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 - Week 2: Jamendo Vocal top 20


20do it over by amélie
19Swansong by Josh Woodward
18Effortless by Josh Woodward
17I`d like to dance with you by Marijanh
16Real Talk by Brix by Cartel
15Come Back To You by Silence is Sexy
14Poetic Pitbull Revolutions by Diablo Swing Orchestra
13Broken Stereo (Acoustic Version) by Sean Fournier
12Satellite by major Major
11Oxygen by Erica Shine
10Dinner for One by Amity in Fame
9Heroines by Diablo Swing Orchestra
8Crazy As by Julandrew
7As the year turns by klox
6La Batalla by LA OLLA EXPRESS
5Yellow Gold by The Dada Weatherman
4Painted Dream by The Dada Weatherman
3Balrog Boogie by Diablo Swing Orchestra
2Caminando by klox
1When Will It End by Erica Shine

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