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Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 - Week 23: Jamendo Vocal top 20

20When Will It End by Erica Shine
19Ballad of the Metronome by Elle Lefant
18You Will Arrive by Magdalen Graal
17Balrog Boogie by Diablo Swing Orchestra
16Go Boy, Go! by the Bankrobbers
15sahart-laglobbb by Khalid Ray
14Si Mueves... by Sundayers
13Exit by OG
12Keep Silent by Mils Music
11Just Imagine by Hungry Lucy
10Goodbye My Revolution #1 & Vidrizana Golovaby Viy
9Another Life by Fresh Body Shop
8No Moon by Elle Lefant
7Run (Mr.President) by the Bankrobbers
6Fight the Sea by Josh Woodward
5El Dia De Los Muertos by the Bankrobbers
4Runaways by Elle Lefant
3Voodoo Doll by Fresh Body Shop
2Behind You by Magdalen Graal
1far9tni bla sbab by Khalid Ray

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