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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 - Week 29: Jamendo Vocal top 20

20Zamarra 01-Hermosa Sierra de Gredos by Zamarra
19Jonay Ft Jasmine Kara - Skydiving by Jonay
18Go Boy, Go! by the Bankrobbers
17You Will Arrive by Magdalen Graal
16Si Mueves... by Sundayers
15Draconian Saint by The Jimmy Hofer Band
14Monument by Shearer
13Lady From Way up There by The Postmen
12American Dream Man by Leslie Hunt
11Runaways by Elle Lefant
10Heed the Call by The Postmen
9El Dia De Los Muertos by the Bankrobbers
8Run (Mr.President) by the Bankrobbers
7Voodoo Doll by Fresh Body Shop
6December by The Postmen
5Day's End by Shearer
4Behind You by Magdalen Graal
3Pieces of a Past Life by The Postmen
2You're Calling Mgesso Watsowsen by Sean Wright
1Stolen Thief by The Postmen

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