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Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 - Week 46: Jamendo Vocal Top 20

20Bubba’s Blues by My Bubba & Mi
19Gone by Loudog
18Let It In by Josh Woodward
17Fear by Obsidian Shell
16Rebirth by Scavanger
15Nanowar by NanowaR
14Child Within by Sean Wright
13The Losing Hand by Jelena
12Freak by The Different
11È finita by Rein
10Gone by My Bubba & Mi
9Comme une hirondelle by Ehma
8Springlove by MMDA
7Orphanage by Obsidian Shell
6Kate likes Moby by MMDA
5Circus Underground - Save You by Circus Underground
4zero-project - 01 - Land of legends by zero-project
3Digital love by MMDA
2zero-project - 01 - Celtic dream by zero-project
1Stolen Thief by The Postmen

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