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Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 - Week 3: Jamendo Instrumental top 20

20Tanhäusser memories by The Flanger Sound
19Asian Wonders by Butterfly Tea
18Oleg Sirenko - Invasion by Tunguska Electronic Music Society
17Weekend by Van Syla
16Noblemo - Decembre by French Artists Project
15Tesla's Dream by The Flanger Sound
14Two 4 You by Paolo Pavan Quartet by Jazz Friends
13In Your Eyes by Maya Filipič
12zero-project - 03 - Eden by zero-project
11Memories by Van Syla
10Sulla strada del ritorno by Walter Mazzaccaro
9Viktor Gradov - The Space Wanderer by Tunguska Electronic Music Society
8Tha alquemy of air by Rafael Zacher by BABEL SIN FRONTERAS por Jorgestrada
7com todo meu amor by roberto daglio
6Heart of Medieval by Butterfly Tea
5Utopia by BertycoX
4The Signal by BertycoX
3Pilgrims - Ouverture by P.Ubaldini/Otoshi/M.Radice/TheFlangerSound/Jorgestrada by BABEL SIN FRONTERAS por Jorgestrada
2zero-project - 02 - Touch of serenity by zero-project
1zero-project - 02 - Warrior's honor by zero-project

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