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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Dada Weatherman

Our weekly focus takes us away from the cold north (where we've been the two previous weeks) to Jonathan Chaumeil, a young Frenchman in his early twenties. His project, The Dada Weatherman, has been sitting for several weeks on the highest notch of the Jamendo Top 100 only to start slipping down now that the Diablo Swing Orchestra is holding the number one spot of the Vocal Charts in its tight grip.

His track, "Painted Dream" from his album "The Green Waltz" is now ranked second but don't you worry: there are two other albums in the pipeline, and there's no doubt you will soon hear more from them. As a matter of fact, "Yellow Gold" from his new album "EarthQuakes & Failed Mutations" already made it up to rank number 9.

Jonathan joins his skills and talent to make music meet with poetry and painting. As a matter of fact, he illustrates both the CD's artwork and the video clips (see the one below) with his paintings and he pictures his Arthur Rimbaud inspired poems with his music. His soft voice harmonizes wonderfully with the calm folk music which he leads with his guitar and is accompanied at times with the piano, at times with a very light and decent orchestra.

While listening to The Dada Weatherman I cannot keep from thinking that's a perfect music for falling asleep but at the same time I realize this is not really a compliment. However I really mean it as a compliment because it's a music that invites you to dream of new paintings.


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