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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Matti Paalanen

Last week we had a look at Diablo Swing Orchestra from Sweden. This week, we just travel to the neighboring country Finland were we've having a closer look at the leader of the instrumental charts, Celestial Aeon Project who has another track ranked 13th. The man behind this is Matti Paalanen who appears to be really productive. In fact, he is also the father of Frozen Silence (ranked 2nd), Project Divinity (ranked 3rd) and Axial Ensemble (a project he's doing with Arttu Kataja). Oh and guess what? They also have a track in this week's top 20, Spectrial, ranked 14th.

His music is ranging from neo classical to electronic ambient, from new age to dark wave where influences from Vangelis, The Cure and Enya as well as his classical background cannot be overheard. The resulting tracks are spreading a calm mood where everything is so light, floating high above in the sky. This kind of music fits very well as a background music to role playing games, so much that he is actually the lead musician of an upcoming computer role playing game.

Dive into Matti's musical realm by listening to the tracks from the top 20 as well as other selected tunes of his.


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