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Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 - Week 41: Jamendo Vocal Top 20

20Sofa by Dazie Mae
19Superglue by Heifervescent
18My Little Soldier by Snowflake & ccMixter
17Heed the Call by The Postmen
16noel by Hiroumi
15Lully Lullay by Snowflake & ccMixter
14Madagascar by The Black Atlantic
13Rebirth by Scavanger
12Get On Board by Oneness
11December by The Postmen
10Nanowar by NanowaR
9Start It Off by Hot Fiction
8Voodoo Doll by Fresh Body Shop
7Day's End by Shearer
6Pieces of a Past Life by The Postmen
5Behind You by Magdalen Graal
4Freak by The Different
3Circus Underground - Save You by Circus Underground
2Beautiful World by Sean Wright
1Stolen Thief by The Postmen

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