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Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 - Week 43: Jamendo Vocal Top 20

20Rebirth by Scavanger
19Heed the Call by The Postmen
18Start It Off by Hot Fiction
17My Little Soldier by Snowflake & ccMixter
16Sofa by Dazie Mae
15Get On Board by Oneness
14Dance Till Day by Jemex
13Nanowar by NanowaR
12December by The Postmen
11Voodoo Doll by Fresh Body Shop
10La notte e la benzina by Rein
9Wonderful by The Different
8È finita by Rein
7Behind You by Magdalen Graal
6Dark Soul, Let Go by Sean Wright
5Pieces of a Past Life by The Postmen
4Freak by The Different
3Circus Underground - Save You by Circus Underground
2Beautiful World by Sean Wright
1Stolen Thief by The Postmen

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